Personalise a Mumbles soft toy

Here at Ivy embroidery, we’re always getting asked to arrange for a special gift to be made more personal. We love to make special mementos and we’re always happy to discuss your requirements.

From newborn babies, to young children, to the young at heart, a lovely gift can be made unique by adding personal text or designs. What better way to mark a special date, like the birth of a baby, than by arranging for a Mumbles soft toy to be decorated with the name of the Newborn and his or her date of birth?

How to order?

It’s a simple process to arrange for an embroidered gift and we’re happy to do the legwork for you. We can source a wide range of soft toys suitable for being customised. Unlike many other embroiderers, we don’t limit the options for the embroidery itself to a few standard templates. Essentially, if it’s technically possible, we want to make it happen for you. You’ll find we have a wide selection of lettering styles and even stitched pictures to choose from.

If your requirements are more specific, we can arrange for your own artwork, logo or design to be digitised (coded for machine embroidery) at cost.

Get in touch and find out how we can make a special gift more personal.